Ruohan Zhao





Raised in the suburbs of Central Auckland, Ruohan came to Canberra to study Arts and Law. She is in her sixth year and currently completing her Honours year in German literary studies. She also enjoys film studies, animal rights, gender studies and feminist legal theory, and public international law. One of her fondest memories while on exchange at the University of Freiburg was breaking into spontaneous street parties after Germany won the World Cup Final in 2014.


Having started at AMUNC 2011 as a delegate, she has attended SydMUN and WorldMUN in Seoul. She has also directed at AMUNC and has been on the NCMUN secretariat since its inaugural year in 2014.


Ruohan hopes that delegates, in addition to debating, make the most of the bush capital's hip eateries and national attractions to get a taste of Canberra's unique charm!


Bodie D'Orazio




Bodie is in his second year of the Juris Doctor at ANU, having completed an international relations degree at the University of Western Australia before moving over to Canberra. He's interested in criminal law, consitutional law, and American politics, and has interned in the U.S. House of Representatives and attended President Obama's second inauguration.

He's been a delegate, director, and secretariat member at a dozen conferences including NCMUN, SydMUN, BrizMUN, AMUNC, WorldMUN, and the Harvard National MUN in Boston.

Bodie is really looking forward to the new committees that will be on offer at NCMUN 2016 and can't wait to see how the delegates rise to the challenges they'll be faced with.


Bruce Lehrmann

Deputy Secretary-General


Bruce is a third year Arts/Policy Studies student majoring in Contemporary Europe and Australian Politics, which serves him well as he's also a Federal Adviser at Parliament. He's been in and around all the major stories that have come out of Capital Hill, including two leadership ballots, major legislative reforms, Sam Dastyari's Taylor Swift speech, and the infamous Senate filibuster.

Bruce's first MUN conference was NCMUN 2014 and he has been to a few conferences since then, and his favourite part of MUN is the quality banter you can find in committee and at socials.

When he wants to unwind, you can find Bruce watching either House of Cards and The Thick of It, or the Real Housewives of Melbourne.



Felix Mechnig-Giordano

Under-Secretary-General for Committees



Felix is in his second year of an International Relations/Science degree after having come to Australia from Switzerland. He's interested in obscure countries, obscure ways to get to them and the more "special" dysfunctional governments of our world.


He has worked with MONUSCO in the DRC and you may find him answering calls at the Embassy of Afghanistan when he isn't working on the conference.


Having attended many conferences in Europe and Australia, Felix is making sure that this years conference will have an unparalleled, innovative, and diverse field of committees and looks forward to welcoming both new and old delegates to this years edition of NCMUN!


Allissa Li

Under-Secretary-General for Delegate Affairs



Allissa is from Brisbane and is in her third year of PhB Science at the ANU, but will transfer into Engineering/Science.

She's been to many MUN conferences before, including AMUNC, BrizMUN, SydMUN, WorldMUN and NCMUN, and she has directed and been a secretariat member as well as attending as a delegate.


Allissa is excited about NCMUN 2016, as there are new and intriguing committees, and awesome socials planned, and she is really looking forward to meeting all the delegates.


Robert Cook

Under-Secretary-General for Delegate Affairs


Robert is in his second year of the Laws/International Security Studies degrees at ANU, after moving from Sydney in 2014. He has a particular passion for international, constitutional and European law, as well as all things related to international organisations and diplomacy, and has previously volunteered with events like the Red Cross Commonwealth Conference.


He has been a delegate at various MUN conferences, including AMUNC, NCMUN, BrizMUN and SwinMUN. NCMUN 2016 will be his first secretariat role.


Robert is particularly looking forward to helping out anyone new to Canberra to realise that it's a far more exciting city than the stereotypes would have you believe.


Tony Allison

Under-Secretary-General for Socials


Tony is in his second year of an Law/Arts degree, majoring in European History and Arab and Islamic Studies. He is interested in contracts and torts law and Islam, specifically modern misconceptions and the role of women in current Islam society and culture, and he once spent over an hour arguing with a French exchange student about the banning of the burqa.


He has been a delegate at both last year's and this year's BrizMUN and AMUNC as well as SydMUN and NCMUN.


Tony is really looking forward to the socials that have been organised and can't wait to see how each delegate kicks back after the a long day of debate.


Jared Ackerman

Under-Secretary-General for Socials



Jared has spent the last five years spending his free time on MUN and International Relations related issues and events. Formatting that passion and enjoyment into a workable degree, he is in his second year of an International Relations degree with minors in French and Economics. Since high school, he has been involved with organisations such as the YMCA and a number of political parties, culminating in a candidacy within the 2015 NSW state election for the Legislative Council.


His MUN experience has slowly grown, having attended a number of high school informal and formal Muns before a deeper involvement at the tertiary level. He has attended five conferences, returning with two honourable mentions. Jared is looking forward to the variety of committees being held this year, excited by the creativity and intuitive solutions that will unfold.


Tony Gu

Under-Secretary-General for Logistics


Tony is in his second year of a Bachelor of International Relations and Bachelor of Asian Studies at the ANU. He’s particularly interested in the political and socio-economic affairs within the Asia Pacific region and more importantly, the Southeast Asia region. Additionally, he has a strong passion for languages, namely, Mandarin, Japanese and Arabic.


Tony began his MUN journey at AMUNC in Perth in 2015 and has also participated at NCMUN and he is looking forward to the benefits students from around Australia will experience while being at the ANU and Canberra, and that delegates, this year will experience a rich array of speakers, cultural institutions, and embassies.


Bolwen Fu

Under-Secretary-General for Logistics


Bolwen is in his second year of a Bachelor of Laws/Bachelor of Arts degree. He is a keen foreign languages student and is currently finishing off his German language course.


His thespian interests have caused him to become a theatre kid since starting university and some of his theatric experiences include Miss Saigon, Grease, Sweeney Todd and the 2016 ANU Law Revue.


While Bolwen hasn't organised nor attended a MUN before, he is ecstatic to be able to have made his debut in such an exciting year with such a hardworking team and believes that this year’s MUN will truly showcase the uniqueness of Canberra.


Christine Jeong

Under-Secretary-General for Embassies


Christine is in her fifth year of Asian Studies/Law at ANU. Her interests are international law and critical theory, with a focus on international humanitarian law. In pursuit of these interests she has participated in Model UN conferences in Australia and Harvard WorldMUN in Seoul in 2015.


She is currently in Thailand doing field research in human trafficking, anti-corruption measures, the narcotics trade, and other issues relating to the Thai/Myanmar border region.


Christine is looking forward to facilitating an enriching embassies experience for delegates to gain a deeper understanding and awareness of the complexities involved in representing a nation state in multilateral affairs. She is excited to see how delegates will engage with their committee topics with this first-hand knowledge gained from the diplomatic missions, and hopes that this professional exposure will also benefit delegates in all their future pursuits in this area.


Keny Arcangeli

Under-Secretary-General for Marketing


Keny is a third year university student, despite being in his first year at ANU. He's currently studying a Bachelor of International Relations and can't wait to graduate at some point. 


Having been to over twenry Model UN conferences, Keny has been a director, delegate and conference Ambassador for Model UNs across Australia and America. He hopes to finally attend a WorldMUN at some point. 


As Under-Secretary-General for Marketing, he's spent more time on social media than breathed fresh air, however he hopes to continue making the social media content entertaining and engaging.


Rashna Farrukh

Under-Secretary-General for Sponsorship



Rashna is in her third year of Politics, Philosophy and Economics/Middle Eastern and Central Asian Studies. She has a keen interest in media, and has founded Bossy Magazine and been an Editor at Woroni.


This July, she is headed to the University of Calfornia, Berkeley to complete an IARU GSP in Media and Global Protest Movements.


Rashna is excited to be a part of this innovative conference, and can't wait to show the delegates how exciting Canberra can be!


Samuel Smeele

Under-Secretary-General for Finance



Samuel is a third year Commerce/Law student at ANU, with a major in Accounting. Samuel’s hobbies and interests are often a mystery to most on the secretariat, however they often revolve around listening to music that is marginally pretentious, learning about the state of Australia’s Corporations Law regime & shouting at the TV when St Kilda are winning a game of footy.


He has atteneded a number of MUN’s in Australia, including AMUNC, SydMUN, NCMUN and MelbMUN. Samuel is an IPG specialist.


Samuel has made sure that you guys can have a fantastic conference whilst getting the most bang for your buck, and he can’t wait to see all of you to have a great time whilst in Canberra


Maggie Chen

Under-Secretary-General for Design


Maggie is a third year student at ANU. She decided to move down from Brisbane to pursue a double degree in criminology and security studies. With that said, she's also passionate about education and youth leadership. She spends most of her time working to facilitate exchange experiences to ANU students and eating snacks.


NCMUN 2015 was her first MUN conference atuniversity and she thoroughly enjoyed the every part of the experience. She hopes that all delegates will enjoy the conference as much as she did! The friendships and growth through NCMUN was impeccable and pushed her to become more involved with NGOs. If you see her around, please do say hi!


Hedley Bull




Hedley is named after the internationally recognised ANU professor Hedley Bull and is the mascot for NCMUN and the ANU Model UN Society. He has seen his fair share of conferences across the country and photobombed countless photos, so you'll see him in action during committees and at the socials.


Make sure you try to get a photo with him if you see him at the conference, but good luck trying to pry him away from the Secretariat or the ANU delegation - he's fiercely protected!