Hong Kong Special Topic

While British sovereignty over Hong Kong may have ended with the "handover" in 1997, the extent and character of Chinese influence in the Special Administrative Region remains highly contested. Under the "One Country, Two Systems" Hong Kong has been able to exercise authority over immigration, a range of democratic liberties and independent economic policies. China on the other hand has turned immense profits funnelling wealth, business ties interest politics through Hong Kong. However with Hong Kong's autonomy has been increasingly under fire, and the its special status set to expire in 2047 the future of the SAR is highly uncertain.

This single cabinet crisis takes place in in the 2040's and is composed of a high level cabinet of Chinese and Hong Kong Politicians, civil leaders and titans of business. It promises to be a a challenging session out to decide the future of Asia's World City.

Further details and cabinet positions will be announced shortly.


Tony Allison and Kida Lim


Corruption at the United Nations

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