DISEC: Disarmament and International Security Committee

DISEC covers international security issues and makes recommendations to the Security Council on disarmament and arms regulation. Its goal is the formulation agreements and resolutions that set out the ways in which member states can cooperate for a world less shaped by arms proliferation.


Discussing many of the most urgent international issues, with a special focus on the proliferation of small and large arms, weapons of mass destruction, drug trafficking and the ever-present threat of interstate war, DISEC is perfect for beginners and well as experienced delegates who enjoy a big committee and a broad range of topics to debate and states to represent. As conflicts across the world have escalated over the past years, heated debate is guaranteed.


Bodie D'Orazio and Samuel Scander


The Question of the Militarization of Outer Space 

The Question of the Role of Autonomous Systems in International Peace and Security 

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